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芒果百香康普茶 - 12瓶裝 | Mango Passionfruit - 12 Pack

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Mango Passionfruit Kombucha

The complex sweet and savory flavor of mango is uniquely balanced by the next-level fruity-citrus of passionfruit. Like all Kai Kombucha flavors, there's no added sugar or flavor, just 100% real fruit. Both the mango and the passionfruit are grown locally in Taiwan.

Ingredients: reverse osmosis water, kombucha culture*, Taiwan Oolong Tea*, cane sugar*, cold-pressed ginger*, mango purée, passionfruit purée. 


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什麼是康普茶?| What is Kombucha?

康普茶是一款以茶葉和紅茶菌母(SCOBY)作為釀造基底,經數週、數月來靜置發酵的天然茶飲,也稱作紅茶菇、冬菇茶。由於康普茶富含天然的有機酸、益生菌、維生素B、有機酶及葡萄糖醛酸等對人體有益成分,喝起來自然帶有酸的口感。而 開-康普茶特別選用台灣烏龍茶葉作為釀造基底茶,讓我們的康普茶也具有抗氧化的優點。一般市售的康普茶,由於自然發酵的關係,確實含有微量的酒精。而 開-康普茶在嚴格控管生產流程及飲品檢測之下,確保我們的飲品酒精含量低於0.5%,相當於日常食用的熟成水果中酒精含量,是相對安全的康普茶。

Kombucha is a tea drink that's been naturally fermented over days, weeks, or even months. It has a slight vinegary taste due to all the naturally occuring organic acids. Due to the activity of the yeast, it becomes carbonated. It contains B-vitamins and enzymes, and has a high concentration of glucuronic, gluconic, acetic and lactic acids. It also contains more antioxidants than green tea!
As a byproduct of the natural fermentation, Kombucha does contain trace amounts of alcohol which generally measure anywhere between .03 – 2%. Due to Kai Kombucha balanced culture, our kombucha stays below 0.5%. This is similar to the amount of alcohol in ripe fruits. All Kai Kombucha is tested to ensure it is below 0.5%

康普茶的歷史 | The History of Kombucha


The history of Kombucha consumption starts with records of consumption in China, 221 B.C. It was highly esteemed for having healing properties and was even called ‘Elixir of life.’ Legends say that there was a doctor named Kombu who brought this fungus to Japan in order to heal a Japanese emperor. The first records of kombucha consumption date all the way back to China, 221 B.C when Emperor Shi Huang Di sought to extend his life by drinking kombucha which was also called 'Elixir of life'. It is believed it was introduced to the Emperor by Dr. Kombu, which is how it got its name, as 'cha' means tea in Chinese. Years later, kombucha became very popular in Japan, Germany, and Russia. In recent years, kombucha gained massive popularity in North America and worldwide due to its prebiotic and probiotic benefits.

康普茶的好處 | Why Drink Kombucha?


In addition to the funky, not too sweet, a little sour flavour of Kai Kombucha, it has tons of benefits! It's naturally rich source of probiotics and healthy acids - which can aid in digestion and support the body’s natural detoxifying abilities and your gut health - kombucha is a delicious, bubbly beverage that makes you feel energetic and clean.

開-康普茶是如何製作的? | How is Kai Kombucha Made?

Great kombucha starts with great water -- that's why we use triple carbon filtered, reverse osmosis water. We then heat the water to our desired brewing temperature and add Taiwan Organic oolong tea and USDA Organic cane sugar. After brewing, the sweetened tea is transferred to our fermentation tanks where it is allowed to cool. Once cool, we introduce our extra special, perfectly balanced SCOBY. The sweetened tea is allowed to ferment for 2-4 weeks. During this time the sugars are broken down into various healthy organic acids, and prebiotics while the compounds from the tea are metabolized by the yeast and bacteria to increase the total antioxidant ability of the broth. After the kombucha reaches our target flavor profile, it is transferred to the infusion tank where we add the highest quality, local and imported, fruits, flowers, and herbs. Once properly infused during second fermentation, we carefully bottle by hand in our Taiwan FDA certified kombucha brewery.